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Sticker Set: Extra Packaging

Sticker Set: Extra Packaging

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The perfect way to use Suncatcher Sticker Sets for gifting. Select the number of sets you need, and Amanda will pack them with your purchase. You can split up the stickers as you would like! 


  • A Suncatcher Sticker Product Card: the front will have space for your sticker, along with a ready to use glue dot for your sticker to affix to. Rub the glue dot release paper to warm it up, peel it off, and affix the paper side of your sticker to it. The back will have all of the regular sticker information. 
  • Cello sleeve(s)! Tuck your sticker and backer into the cello sleeve. Pull off the release paper at the top of the sleeve + seal. Ready for gifting!
  • Amanda will size the packaging to the stickers, easy peasy!

You can decide on ANY number. I have included bundles of 5 + 10 below, but if you need 22, choose (2) packs of 10, and (2) individuals.

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