About My Sparkling Emporium + Amanda!


Three images, one of human legs and suncatcher prisms, the middle is amanda sitting at a table with a laptop computer and the third is amanda's hands building suncatcher prirms

Welcome to my sparkling corner of the world! 

My name is Amanda + I am the person behind My Sparkling Emporium. Located in Ontario, Canada, MSE carries bright + sparkly items, ready to bring some happy into your life. 

My Sparkling Emporium has evolved from a digital photo site through to what it is today mostly because I just like to know how things work. When I had my kiddo in 2016, I loved learning how to take macro photos. Since then I have dabbled in resin art, alcohol ink, watercolour painting, plaster work + graphic design. 

I fell in love with Suncatcher Stickers, soft launched them in late 2019, and now they are a core staple for my business. I use a mix of commercially licensed and digitally created artwork to produce a fun, whimsical collection of stickers. In early 2023, I began to build Suncatcher Prisms, and this turned into a collection of ready made styles, DIY Kits and a workshop series too! 

I create my own packaging in house, which allows me the opportunity to be a little more eco friendly, and offer more variety in designs. As a small batch maker, you will see a lot of what's new, fresh + upcoming via my instagram page. I don't typically keep large volumes of product on my shelves, so be prepared to grab it when you see it. 

As My Sparkling Emporium grows, I am open to new opportunities and collaborations. Keep in mind that I encourage a community first mindset that allows people to be their authentic selves, feel safe and cared for. I will always do my best to stand up for marginalized and oppressed communities, like the 2SLGBTQIA+ & BIPOC groups. Curious to learn a little more about what is going on in the world? In between talking about what I am making or doing with MSE, my Instagram stories highlight what is going on globally. I firmly believe it's very important for every individual to be keyed into what is happening locally, and globally in order for us to find ways to create positive change.

Land Acknowledgement: My Sparkling Emporium is located on Ho-de-no-sau-nee-ga (Haudenosaunee) Territory. Find out more about the rich culture and history via The Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

Learn more about the land that you occupy using Native-Land.ca

Amanda xx