Affiliates + Sponsorships

Amanda built My Sparkling Emporium from the ground up, starting with an Etsy shop. Way back then, everything was branded under PrintsWithRosie- even her IG. Over the years, her business has evolved into My Sparkling Emporium, the home of bright + sparkly items, created by Amanda here in Canada. 

There are some programs + companies that she have been instrumental on this journey. As with all affiliate programs, Amanda does receive financial compensation if you choose to sign up using the link she has provided below. 


This entire website is powered by Shopify. Setting up the website, listings, policies... it felt really daunting at first, but Shopify has a lot of easy templates ready to go. Amanda has no experience building a website, and discovered that Shopify is the perfect fit for her. She uses the Taste template- it's free- and has customized it with her logo and some fun colours. My Sparkling Emporium is linked to Google, Meta (FB + IG Marketplace), Linktree, Pinterest + Shop. Amanda has also used the Shopify Capital program, and is a HUGE fan of that too. Feel free to reach out via email or connect through IG if you have any specific questions. She also highly recommends the Shopify YouTube Channel if you are just starting your website, and like her, have no clue where to start ;)