Product Care

Suncatcher Stickers:

Please save the backing/packaging that arrives with your decal, should you want to remove/reuse it in another space, or at a different time.

How to Use: Clean window glass before applying your sticker. Gently curve & apply the sticker at the center. Gently press & pull outward with a credit/gift card across the decal to remove excess air. 

To Remove: Gently spritz your decal with room temp water(this prevents the inks from cracking or peeling). Carefully peel the decal off the glass. Attach the sticker to the backing, and insert back into the original packaging for use in another space, or at a different time. 

*Please save the packaging that arrives with your decal to safely transfer for reuse in another space, or at a different time.

Designed by Amanda with her own or commercially licensed art. Manufactured in California, USA, packaged by Amanda in Ontario, Canada.

Prism Decor: 

Made with love, treat them gently! Glass Prisms scatter light & are not a fire hazard. Hang them in a spot that will get direct sunlight. All metal elements can be carefully wiped with a soft/tarnish cloth. Please avoid using any cleansing agents. A warm, damp, soft cloth can be used to wipe down the prism(s) if needed.

Keep your packaging in case you decide to relocate your Prism Suncatcher. The glass prisms are delicate, so the covers can be reused to protect them. 

*Important: Prism Suncatchers are made of small pieces. Display them out of the REACH of children.

Created + assembled by Amanda in Ontario, Canada. The glass prisms, metal pieces, various beads + charms are either thrifted or imported from various countries. Each Prism Decor piece is handcrafted by Amanda.


Both soft + spiral style notebooks are handbound + manufactured in Montreal Canada. 

Printed Tea Towels:

First wash: rinse separately with cold water, follow with a cold, normal wash cycle. Machine dry on high heat.

Regular wash: cold water wash/heated dry. Towels can be dry cleaned, please do not bleach.