Prism Suncatcher 101: Care + FAQ

Hello Spring! Just in time, Prism Suncatchers have made their way into the shop. Below are some quick care instructions, product information & a link to the best ways to display your new Prism Suncatcher(s).

  • What are they made of? How are they crafted?
    • Each Prism suncatcher is made of a custom themed mix of gold plated charms- some with cz crystals, some without- brass plated elements, acrylic charms, glass prisms & gold plated chains. 
    • Amanda has sourced all of the items from different sellers across Asia, Europe and North America. She creates the style of each Prism Suncatcher and builds them individually.
  • Are they a fire risk?
    • Nope! The best part about the glass prisms is that they separate the light waves to produce rainbows. They don't magnify the light, which is when you get that fire risk!
  • Where should I hang mine? 

Care Instructions:

All pieces can be wiped gently with a jewelry polishing cloth. It it absolutely normal to see any of the brass plated items patina over time. 

Retain your packaging. The prisms are glass, so keeping the packaging will allow you to safely transport your Prism Suncatcher to a new location. 

A note about the kiddos

Prism Suncatchers are really fun and playful, but they are not meant for little hands. Please be aware that the smaller pieces pose a choking hazard. They are handcrafted with love, and need to be handled gently. They are perfect for hanging near a window, up high out of the reach of children. Please avoid hanging directly over their sleeping spaces.