Great Ways to Display Your New Prism Suncatcher My Sparkling Emporium

Great Ways to Display Your New Prism Suncatcher

New Product Alert! I am thrilled to be introducing Prism Suncatchers into the lineup here at My Sparkling Emporium. As you may already know, I hand assemble them all here in Kitchener- and I also curate every single item that goes into them! Anyways! I have some tips & tricks here for hanging them, and a little bit of safety info if you plan to incorporate one in a space with a baby/young child. 

Amanda xx

Hanging Tips:

  • Choose a space that has direct sunlight. 
  • Ceiling Hooks: These are my FAVE choice. If you aren't familiar with how these work, they come in a variety of styles, and screw into your ceiling. This keeps your suncatcher out of the way of windows opening, curtains moving etc.
 Ceiling hook examples- perfect for Prism Suncatchers!(Image via Google)
  • S-hooks: These are great for hanging off of a curtain rod. You can stack them if you need extra length, and they come in a ton of finishes.
S- Hook example, Fantastic for Prism Suncatchers (Image via Canva)
  • Suction cups: Some like to stick them directly to a window using a suction cup with a hook. I am not opposed to this but I would avoid a window that is opened and closed frequently. Your Prism Suncatcher has glass prisms- and these can break with repeated rough contact. Additionally, glass rubbing against doesn't always go well! Please be sure to check the suction frequently. 
Suction Cup Example- great for Suncatchers! (Image via Canva)


    Please hang your Prism Suncatcher out of the reach of little hands. Kids & babies LOVE items like these, and will absolutely be tempted to pull on them. They aren't toys, so they will pull apart- but more importantly, the small pieces could be a choking hazard. If your Prism Suncatcher is going to live in a kids room, please use a ceiling hook. Kids & babies will reach, so keeping your Prism Suncatcher out of their reach space is wise. While it may be tempting to use as a mobile, hanging your Prism Suncatcher overtop a crib/bed isn't safe. 

    Leave your fave option to hang your new Prism Suncatcher below! I love the combo of a ceiling hook, and some s hooks.

    Amanda xx

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