Retail Locations

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Pretty By Her

Kelly's sass pants of a brand has a retail location & a website! Amanda specifically loves her scented candles, and picking up gifts from other local brands that Kelly stocks as well!

Location: 180 Shearson Crescent Unit 1, Cambridge, ON N1T 1P4

Bliss Creations KW

If you haven't tried any of Shupi's amazing treats- it's a MUST visit! 

Location: 41 Water St. N, Cambridge ON N1R 3B3

The Flamingo Collective:

Toronto, Ontario: Check out this fun & funky gift shop run by Design&Chai and Nav.ArtGeek. You will find a TON of locally produced, unique items, perfect for friends and family!

Location: 991 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1K2