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Welcome, or welcome back! I'm Amanda- she/her- and I have been asked a few times about different electronic tools I use to create patterns and prints for my products!

Below is a quick list- get in those comments if you want me to expand, and take a look over on TikTok for long form videos that give you a breakdown of how I use them. As I write this, it's April 2022- and this is all super new for me. So, if there's a how to view you want, but don't see yet- let me know :)

*None of these links are affiliate or sponsored links. Some items, like the the iPad, have upgraded since I bought mine, so the link will connect to the newer version. 

Tools I Love:

  • iPad Air (Gen4): you don't need an iPad to create, but I am tactile, and I love mine. When it comes to purchasing a tablet, don't forget to check with your phone carrier. That is where I found mine- and financially, it made the most sense to bundle it under my cellphone account, vs. opening a different line of credit with Apple. Please do not take on this kind of investment if it doesn't make sense financially.
  • iPad Pencil (Gen2): I have tried a bunch of amazon specials when it comes to stylus equipment, and the Apple Pencil blows them out of the water. The next best I can suggest is the Logitech Pencil. It has some quirks, but it's under $100. 
  • Procreate: first and foremost, this is not a vector app. It absolutely has limitations. If you are looking to make a lot of art with words and fonts, this may not be the one for you. It's doable, but Illustrator is MUCH more efficient. FYI- Procreate is a one time payment of $13.99CDN. Other apps like Adobe Illustrator can come with monthly fees.
  • YouTube/Instagram/TikTok/Google: These are the places to go to learn. I started on this journey because I found art I liked...but didn't LOVE. And I wanted to make it, share it, and even start a side hustle from it. I started with free resources, and there are PLENTY to be found online.

Are you interested in how I create patterns or art on Procreate? Do you want to hear more about web based services that you can use without the investment in a tablet? Comment and let me know!

Amanda xx

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