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3 Perfect Spots For Your Suncatcher Sticker

Thinking about picking up a suncatcher sticker from My Sparkling Emporium, but unsure where to display it? No worries- I've got you!

  1. Communal spaces: I advocate for these all the time! In a home setting, we spend our time in rooms like kitchens, living areas or sunrooms most. Generally, these rooms also have the largest windows to capture that direct sunlight- and we need sunlight for rainbows! 
  2. Bedrooms: Ok, so hear me out, because I generally don't recommend bedrooms, especially for homes with small kidlets. Most of the time, kids end up in communal spaces, or in school, which means that they will miss any rainbows that appear between 8 am and bedtime. However, if your bedroom gets early morning light, you are in GREAT shape! My friend Shannon placed her sticker at the top of her bedroom window and wakes up to rainbows daily!
  3. Kitchens/Dining areas: Especially if you get early morning light or late night light here, kitchens tend to draw people in. I feel like cooking with rainbows is better!

Bonus Tips:

  • Sunlight changes direction through the year. Your sticker(s) are 100% removable and reusable, so don't be afraid to try different windows!
  • Offices, restaurants & shops are also fun places for rainbows!
  • Keep your packaging! You can use it to store your seasonal or holiday sticker for next year, or to keep it safe while taking it to a new home. 

Drop any other questions below, 

Amanda xx

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