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Winter Bundle

Winter Bundle

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Add a fun touch to any window in your home with Winter Bundle Suncatcher Stickers! These stickers are perfect for bringing a little bit of joy + color into your space. Simply apply the sticker to any window and watch as the sunlight shining through creates a stunning rainbow effect. They are removable, reusable + they won't leave any residue behind! Save $9 with this bundle!


  • One 4''W x 4.2''H  Penguin Snow Day suncatcher sticker.
  • A Mystery Snow Day Suncatcher Sticker Kit with 5 stickers: a snow person head, body, two arms + a tree duo with an animal. See more about this kit here! 
  • Each Mystery Kit is a true mystery! You will see combo you get when you open it!
  • Perfect for any window that gets direct sunlight.
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